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Unique Racing Characters – THOMAS JOHN SMITH MBE AM

Genius, incomparable, simply the best, a great man. Any of those words can be used to describe the very best trainer of all.
I worked very closely with him for many years and learned most of what I know from him. His brain was always on the go, thinking, scheming planning....
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The Gambler

Know when to hold em … and know when to run IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ALL RACING PARTICIPANTS!! Will Racing lose all financial viability by favoring a massive whale and ignoring the core loyal punters? Racings future hinges on prohibiting unfair incentives to a certain gambler. It appears that normal punters...
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Unique Racing Characters – BOB LOGAN

Bob Logan -Principal of Logan Livestock insurance The most sensible man in the horse industry. I doubt that anyone in racing knew how the sport worked better than Logan did. Certainly he was an icon in the horse insurance business where he excelled. Unassuming and quietly spoken he was a...
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